A trip down memory lane


I'm different from the person that stared out from these cliffs over a year ago. I've experienced loss, seen tragedy, and felt incredible joy.  I've traveled a few continents, made new friendships, lost old friendships, and strengthened existing ones. I've completely left girl-hood behind and embraced becoming a mature woman. I can't say that I look at anything anymore with child-like eyes.

But I'm sure these tide pools haven't changed.  I bet the sea would still be just as awe-inspiring, yet unforgiving, and I would still find solitude in its existence. It wouldn't care if I revisited, nor did it know I was ever there.

This isn't the first time I've written to you. You're an old familiar friend who listens without me knowing you ever stopped by.  I guess I just needed a fresh start, a "do-over", if you will. I won't apologize for having left and I hope that it won't be over soon.

Because making connections is what makes all these do-overs mean something and a meaningful life is what matters. I'm creating a life that means something. I'm creating a life that matters.