Empty city streets

Sometimes these city street are lonely, even when they aren't empty. Pedestrians rushing to and from their destinations. Commuters staring blankly into traffic. People looking down into their phones. Not everyone seems to be as excited about life. Not everyone seems to be paying much attention except to the noises in their heads. But they are still mysterious and worth watching most of the time.

I always admire the brick facades thick with history and imaginary ghosts with heartbreaking stories. I wish in some ways that that same spirit of exceptionalism and toughness still permeated through our society, but it seems like it's all gone. Like we surrendered a sense of ourselves for something more "acceptable", per say. Like we decided that confidence and survival of our culture was something to be ashamed of. 

It was that same American spirit and can-do attitude that pushed my parents and extended family towards immigrating to the U.S. and fulfilling their dreams, no matter how difficult or almost impossible it seemed. Without them, I wouldn't be here accomplishing my own dreams, and, for that, I am humbled and grateful.