Roadtrip 2016: Russian River

Russian River easily stole our hearts. While kayaking isn't my husband's favorite thing to do, neither was canoeing down the river for 10 miles in the 90 degree heat with no option of turning back. Kayaking easily became the choice for us both. Correction: kayaking down the Russian River on a hot day away from the crowds was a favorite choice for us both. We procured our two-person kayak from Johnson's Beach, a nice surprise tucked away in the little town of Guerneville. I immediately loved the atmosphere, despite the fact that there were lots of people there that day: it was a Sunday during the summer, so that made sense. I also noticed tubes and other floating devices in the water, so I decided that I was going to hang out in a tube too, hopefully with a drink and dessert in both hands. I might as well! 

We easily made our way down river admiring the gorgeous homes which lined the banks. There was a group of women and girls swinging on a rope that hung from a tree branch over the water. Colorful paddle boards and kayaks rested on decks or sand in backyards. I immediately wanted to paddle board instead of kayak, and I started having visions of summer getaways and retirement in a home  here on the river. Luckily, the husband echoed my thoughts as well as the fact that it was scorching hot. He shifted his legs and butt over the kayak and slid off the side into the water to cool off. The river turned out to be only waist deep and ice cold to our surprise.  It was funny as hell, but I jumped in anyway to cool off too. We pushed our kayak further downriver to admire more homes and began to notice that the river became even more shallow. After another hour of quick dips and paddling, we returned to the beach, and I sunbathed in a tube while hubs relaxed in the shade.  The crowds seemed to have multiplied, but I still drifted unbothered and alone.  I was surrounded by nature's majesty and likeminded human beings in wine (and beer) country. I couldn't have asked for more. 

Jessica Lawson