Road Trip 2016: Santa Rosa

After two days in Monterey, we headed further north past San Francisco. (So sorry San Fran! We'll see you next time!) I really enjoyed the drive through San Fran over the bay and up through wine country. I could imagine myself doing that on a more regular basis.

Our first stop was downtown to browse the shops and check out the local breweries. Although we're not fooling anybody we know: we went there for one main reason, and that was Russian River Brewery, home to the husband's favorite beer, Pliny. Not surprisingly, there was a long wait for a table and the brewery was packed to standing room only, however there was room outside beneath an awning to sit and mingle while enjoying beer. Which is exactly what we ended up doing while waiting for about an hour for our table.

After we were seated, the waiter brought us a beer sampler along with some Plinys, pizza, and fries- because these things obviously go together. I think I ate most of the pizza by myself and drank only half of my beer in a matter of a few hours. I might have ate most of the french fries too. I'll never tell how many Plinys and samplers the hubs had. I never said he was there for the food. Apparently food is more of a big deal to me than it is to him. Anyways,  we weren't sure we'd make it back there the next day, so we left with two growlers, six bottles of Pliny, and a few Russian River souvenir shirts.  Maybe that was more like 12 bottles of Pliny. Either way, I know I had to help him carry it all.

The fact that we were even on this trip was a milestone. In the ten years we've known each other- eight of which we've been married- we've never taken a real vacation together away from people we know- other than our honeymoon, which doesn't count because we got married in the same place where we had our honeymoon.  It was nice to do this for ourselves for once. We weren't pressed for time, and we weren't dependent on other people's schedules. We were living in our moment on our time, and that was a really good feeling.